Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Pelican-Betty (One Off Man-Mental)

Chris Daniels: “Your typical ‘poetry blog’ imparts no enduringly useful information and neither engages in radical discussion of anything nor agitates for same. It’s all safely circumscribed. Total fucking Dullsville, USA, baby.”

Auden and MacNeice setting out, Hraensnef, 1936
Tort-paraphrase of Wystan Hugh Auden and Louis MacNeice (out of the brilliant overlook’d Letters from Iceland):
“All literature is about revenge.”
And, on music:
“Ik heb een paar grammofoonplaten met primitieve regionale muziek, waaronder een verbazende opname van een boer en twee kinderen die brullen als bij een voetbalwedstrijd.”

(Roughly: “I have a couple of recordings of a primitive regional music, including an astonishing number of a farmer and two children who roar as if at a football game.”)
Too, in quotables assembled under “Sheaves form Sagaland”:
“I heard a voice in the farm singing an Icelandic song. At a distance it resembled the humming of bees.” –Pfeiffer.

Betty Bird, 1901-1944