Friday, February 03, 2006


Ange Mlinko: “The self-interrogation sessions demanded by one’s peers (Are you a “failed experimentalist”?) are both a useful foil and an outrage to one's autonomy, and one way to aggressively win back one's autonomy is to simply refuse to speak the argot.”

Vue générale d'un phalanstère

Walter Benjamin: “When Fourier looked for an example of travail non salarié mais passionné, he found none that was more obvious than the building of barricades.”

Nek Chand worked under cover of darkness for eighteen years, stealing away at the end of his working day as a roads inspector to his secret place—a clearing in the jungle. It was there that he created the legions of sculpted men and women, imaginary creatures, bears and monkeys, that would compose his magnificent ‘Rock Garden.’