Saturday, October 15, 2005


Fairfield Porter, “Girl in a Landscape” (1965)

Jonathan Lethem (Girl in Landscape):

“The Planet of Withheld Explanations.”

And more about English (according to Archbuilders, including one call’d “Lonely Dumptruck”): “English is a language all of names.” And: “English words are funny . . . English sentences are grave.” (Unmention’d go English paragraphs, pace Gertrude Stein.)

Archbuilder Hiding Kneel on why it refuses to fix “wrecked stuff”: “It would be to pretend a relation I do not have, to all the wrecked stuff.”

Other Archbuilders: Coral Dope, Unimportant Lust, Grinning Contrivance

Some of Geroge Herriman’s Coconino County folks: Krazy Kat, Ignatz Mouse, Milton Mouse, Marshall Mouse, Irving Mouse, Offissa Bull Pupp, Don Kiyote, Joe Stork, Mock Duck, Kolin Kelly (Maker of Bricks), Walter Cepius Austridge, Krazy Katbird, Osker Wildcat, Krazy Katfish, Gooseberry Sprig, J. Turtle, Kristofer Kamel, Joe Bark (the moon hater), Aunt Tabby and Uncle Tomm Katt, Alec Kat, Sancho Pansy, Mr. Wough Wuph Wuff (Bone Trust Magnate), Pauline Parrot, Matilda Mouse, Mrs. Kwak Wak, Mimi, Mr. Kiskidee Kuku, Kitten Kat, Marmaduke Mouse, Mr. Meeyowl, Anita Gata Blanca, Terry P. Turtle, Barney Borracho, and Bum Bill Bee.

(Glancing through Jay Cantor’s 1988 Krazy Kat: A Novel in Five Panels, a week or so after reading Lethem’s talking kangaroo and other ‘evolved’ beasts in Gun, with Occasional Music—thinking What’s the story with MacArthur novelists and talking animals?)