Monday, September 26, 2005


What is is thought itself,
as well as what is thought of.

You will not find thought apart from being,
to which it is betrothed.

In the same way, time
is not—and is not going to become—
something other than and separate from being.

Being’s share of being
holds being motionless and whole . . .

Parmenides, trans. Robert Bringhurst in Carving the Elements: A Companion to the Fragments of Parmenides by Robert Bringhurst, Dan Carr, Peggy Gotthold, Daniel E. Kelm, Peter Koch, Christopher Stinehour, and Richard Wagener. (Editions Koch, 2005). A book about making a book, The Fragments of Parmenides & an English translation, by Robert Bringhurst, illustrated by Richard Wagener (Editions Koch, 2004)

A wood engraving by Richard Wagener.