Thursday, September 22, 2005


Dr. Johnson:

Essay. A loose sally of the mind; an irregular indigested piece; not a regular and orderly composition.

Sally. Escape; levity; extravagant flight; frolick; wild gaiety; exorbitance.

Escape. Sally; flight; irregularity.

Thousand ’scapes of wit,
Make thee the father of their idle dreams,
And rack thee in their fancies.
         Shakespeare. Measure for Measure.

Loose ’scapes of love.

Irregularity. 1. Neglect of method and order.

As these vast heaps of mountains are thrown together with so much irregularity and confusion, they form a great variety of hollow bottoms.
         Addison on Italy.

Irregularity. 2. Inordinate practice; vice.

Vice. The course of action opposite to virtue; depravity of manners; inordinate life.

No spirit more gross to love
Vice for itself.

afreet, Azazel, Bacalou, Belial, cacodaemon, Eblis, energumen, hob, jinnee, Keelut, Lucifer, mojo jojo, Mokoi, Puck, sorceress, tokoloshe.