Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A List

Against Lists

For the list constitutes a first impulse towards commodity-making.

For it is a blind prospectus, a devil in the sun.

For an inevitable hierarchy shall storm the leaflets, and damage the tender crops.

For it makes of all items equal, the flotsam and jetsam of indiscriminate minding.

For it skates like a water strider across the tense surface of the community, and dares not roil its surface.

For it solicits unwarrant’d attention of men and women of true industry.

For it indicates none of th’internal pressures of its source.

For anthology (a collection of flowers) be verily related to anther, a male organ (“a double-celled sac containing the pollen, and the filament, a slender footstalk supporting it.”)

For I see no pistillogy in listing.

For the field itself, unspaded and untill’d goes barren.


To work.